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Cricket Practice ( Nets Only ) 9.5m X 9.5m




Dimensions: 9.5m x 9.5m


Material: PPHD

Mesh/Thick: M45/3mm

Colour’s: Green


Our backstop nettings offer tough protection with near-perfect visibility with incredible strength-to-weight. We can design, engineer, and build your custom nets for baseball, cricket, or any kind of sport project.

HMWPE is one of the strongest and lightest materials for netting in the world. Its strength-to-weight ratio is 8-15 times greater than steel.

– Knotless UHMWPE netting provides better audience visibility.
– UHMWPE netting offers outstanding resistance to UV rays, seawater,

abrasion, and rupture with the very little thickness of the thread.
– Lightweight offers cheaper transportation and easier installation. – Available in different thicknesses and meshes.